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Dr. Frank Puzio

This bio is far from typical. It is a composite of the steppingstones on a life’s journey that has evolved in a logical path. The laser-focused owner of Laser-It-
Now Engraving is Dr. Frank Puzio. Frank’s storied career has attracted him and prepared him for his latest challenge. In his early years, as the oldest of six siblings, he was mentored by his home builder father in design, in the use of tools and construction techniques.

His formal education included a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry followed by a Doctorate in Optometry. During his practice years, he created a software company that developed the first electronic medical records system in America.


 Frank retired from his two Cape Cod eye care practices and software development after 44 years, but before his retirement, started a popular winery on Cape Cod called First Crush. After 13 years Dr, Frank retired from the winery and began a quest to find an interest that captivated him and aligned with his his interests in artistic design, and hands-on fabrication. Frank has now mastered the process of laser engraving and is fully enjoying this next moment in time.
Franks mission for Laser-It-Now Engraving will be as follows. To provide individuals and groups with the opportunity to obtain creative personalization on a wide range of materials, utilizing state-of-the-art technology, and to offer these
services at a very fair price and in a speedy fashion. 

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